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Miss Bumbum Brazil

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Miss Bumbum Brazil Contest

Miss Bumbum Brasil is a beauty contest that, as the name suggests, is focused on the election of the most beautiful butt in Brazil. The contest has as its starting point the dispute between 27 pre-selected participants, each representing a Brazilian state. Created by journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver, participants may have performed cosmetic surgeries on any part of the body, except for the buttocks. The idea of the contest was inspired by “Show Me Your Sloggi”, which happens in France and, due to the success of the contest created by him, Cacau came to be labeled as “genius creator of subcelebridades” and “demiurgo pop”, catapult to fame, from night to day, people hitherto unknown.

Previous editions

Rosana Ferreira (2011)
Carine Felizardo (2012)
Dai Macedo (2013)
Indianara Carvalho (2014)
Suzy Cortez (2015)
Erika Canela (2016)
Rosie Oliveira (2017)
Ellen Santana (2018)

In the first version of Miss Bumbum Brasil, the candidate Rosana Ferreira, became the MIss Bumbum Brazil, in addition to receiving 5 thousand reais. Each participant represents a state of Brazil, and to be able to move to the next phase is necessary to have the popular vote. The site receives millions of access every day, from people who will choose the finalists of the contest, by popular vote online in our portal.

Ellen Santana – Miss Bumbum Brasil 2018

Representative of the State of Rondônia, Ellen Santana was elected Miss Bumbum 2018 in a contest held on the night of Monday (5). But the coronation ended in a shack. Aline Uva, from Rio Grande do Sul, did not like to see her colleague winning the awards and simply started the track.

Fierce dispute

First trans finalist, model and dancer Paula Oliveira, 27, ranked third in the contest. “For me, it was an honor to have participated in Miss Butt and bring the LGBT issue to the whole world,” celebrated the candidate of the Amazon. Flávia Tamaio, a 20-year-old real estate broker and 110-cm buttress, representing the Federal District, was in second place.

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