Miss Bumbum World organization laments negative response from Guinness Book

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Miss Bumbum World organization laments negative response from Guinness Book

They were biased and macho,” says Cacau Oliver, creator of the first edition of the largest competition of the universe’s butts

“The record book was in contact with the Miss Bumbum World organization to evaluate the entrance of the contest that will be in September in Mexico City with the participation of Brazilians and foreigners.”
For those who thought that Miss Bumbum Brasil would miss her stories, Miss Bumbum World, which happens only on September 30 in Mexico City, is already consecrated her first controversy.

According to Cacau Oliver, the Guinness Book would be presence confirmed in September in Mexico City to assess the historical record of a competition of butts with candidates from various parts of the world including Brazil. After this registration that would be on the 30th of the month 09, the contest would be the only one on the planet to have its mark linked to the book of the world records.

“The Guinness Book organization agreed to receive the whole proposal, we were advanced in the negotiations, when I was surprised by a biased and chauvinistic email that canceled the whole process of record. A phrase that marked me a lot was: “linking our brand with a contest of butt on account of our audience that are children / adolescents / families”, in short, an entity that already registered nude adults in an amusement park and the biggest belch of the world, I thought that women’s butts would be something that appreciated the feminine beauty, since the candidates parade dressed. I passed this case to my legal department that will evaluate the possibility of filing a lawsuit for this answer, which in my opinion is unfounded, “explains Cacau Oliver.

Still, according to the Miss Bumbum World organization, it was not the fact that they did not accept the contest that annoyed them, but the way the denial was given after the stages were completed. “Let’s move on, soon we will present the team of Mexican candidates, the event in Mexico will be a success, turned pages, I will leave it in the hands of my lawyers,” emphasizes Oliver about the next steps of the contest and the strong possibility of being born a major lawsuit against the Guinness Book.

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