Nutritionist Ox Bumbá Dancer: Meet the Curiosities of Miss Bumbum World Candidates

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Nutritionist Ox Bumbá Dancer: Meet the Curiosities of Miss Bumbum World Candidates

In addition to being known for their big butt, the candidates for the first Miss Butt World also turn out to be people outside the social networks and men’s magazine covers. Some have children, others have typical song dancers. Here’s the curiosities of some of them.

Margarida Lima is from Goiânia, has participated in the Musea do Brasileirão representing Esporte Clube and enters for the first time in an edition of the Miss Bumbum contest representing Canada.

Leia Lee, Germany’s representative, is an ox-bumbá dancer, a typical Amazon dance where she comes from. Oh, and you’re still a Muay Thai fighter.

Suzy Cortez, Brazil’s representative, makes money through her own photo site and is already recognized as an Instagram muse. She was MBB 2015 winner

Sheyla Mel represents Mexico, but has already won a competition from the country, in which she was classified as the Muse of Mexico.

Bruna Valentim lives in the United States and represents the country in the contest. It was already Playboy cover.

Stephanie dos Santos Silveira, born in Salvador, represents Portugal. She has also been elected the representative of Esporte Clube Bahia in the contest Musa do Brasileirão 2017. She has exchanged in other countries. Lived in Switzerland and speaks fluent German. Has two small children. In the butt contest, he chose to represent Portugal because he is of Portuguese descent, his great-grandfather is from Portugal. Speaks Spanish and German.

Jessica Jensen is Australian and international model. He got to know the contest through the internet and everything he has heard about the country through other people or stereotypes.

Jessica Lopes, representative of the United Kingdom, became famous in Brazil in 2013 after being caught changing clothes in the car at the Congonhas airport parking lot. The photos would have been taken by a paparazzi at the time. The beauty of the girl caught the attention of the media and she gained notoriety, receiving the nickname “Peladona de Congonhas”. Jessica has taken a taste for the world of the famous and invests in her modeling career.

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